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Refresh your Summer

Cool Mist

Decrease ambient temperature with our mist cooling system

  • Avoid extreme temperatures with the mist cooling system.
  • Beneficial cooling effect refreshes the whole body to increase vitality, balance & comfort.
  • The water evaporates without wetting people, giving a thin veil of well-being.
  • Integrated cooling system creates a feeling of shelter and stability aimed at the head where it is most effective.

The power of the pause – refresh without wetting

With Pause & Go the misting system is automatically turned off and switched on again to help maintain a comfortable humidity level.You will maintain optimal body condition: no excess or deficiency of humidity that could adversely affect our wellness.

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Warm your Winter

Enjoy the gentle warmth on cool winter nights

There’s no need to hide indoors during cold weather.

Enjoy your outdoor area and keep entertaining surrounded by the warmth of the inbuilt 1500W electric resistance heater

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Natural Protection From Insects and Odour


Take control of your outdoor wellness

When you add the ‘Stop Mosquitoes’- kit, you can relax knowing that your outdoor nights will be taken care of.

The ‘Stop Mosquitoes’- kit solves the problem of mosquitoes thanks to the specifically designed software which will manage the atomisation of the mixture inside a 2L dedicated tank.

Stop the mosquitoes in these easy steps:

  • Simply set up your alfresco cooling product according to the desired function: Refreshing or preventing mosquitoes.
  • Implemented software will manage everything in a simple and easy way.
  • Choose your program – everything will work automatically thanks to optimal management of pause/work cycles.

Light up Your Night

Enjoy your outdoor space well into the night

Decorate your outdoor space in a stunning way with the inbuilt LED light. A luminous effect full of magic, shapes and lights.

  • LED lighting is energetically more efficient, has a longer life cycle and is much more eco-friendly. Zero emissions of UV rays and IR rays.
  • High durability and reduced maintenance.


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