No, the special nozzles and pump used in the system produce ultrafine droplets, which evaporate before causing wetting on floors, furniture or people.

No, the mist is produced by a small pump which hums quietly while operating.

The mist cooling system will cover an area approximately 6 meters diameter in still conditions.

The mist cooling system can reduce ambient temperatures by up to 10 degrees Celsius.

The heater used in these units is a 1500KW electrical resistance heater.

Yes, the unit connects to standard 240V power to operate the pump, lighting and heater. It includes a 3 meter cable and plug.

The water tank should last for around 3 hours of continual use before refilling is required.

While the mist will act as a natural barrier, you can also add your choice of mosquito repellent to the water tank before operation.

Please contact us at Alfresco Cooling if you have any issues with your unit and we will advise what steps to take next.

The units are suitable for storage outdoors, however if you store the unit undercover whilst not in use it will provide you many more years of service.

The nozzles should last many years, however if they become blocked or worn, contact us for replacements

The LED lighting is bright enough to provide subtle mood lighting.

No, the functions vary from unit to unit, contact us and we’ll help you find the right unit for your purposes. 

We cover the units for 12 months against manufacturing faults

Some functions can be turned on simultaneously such as lighting and heater or lighting and mist, however we don’t recommend running the mist and heater at the same time. 

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